After discovering that regular store-bought soaps contain chemical detergents and toxins, I knew I could never buy commercially produced soap again. Upon researching how large companies mass-produce soap, I learned that they remove the naturally occurring glycerin and sell it separately in higher margin products such as lotion with other fillers.
When I searched for a soap that did not contain chemical detergents and met all my ethical and aesthetic standards, I couldn't find one. This is what gave me the inspiration to create Bubbly Soaps.
After eight years of making handcrafted soap, I created a collection of soaps that addressed all the problems of commercial soap. Bubbly Soaps is a brand of natural handmade soaps which are cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, fun and of course, bubbly! The name Bubbly Soaps was inspired by the bubbly lather all our soap bars have. We hope you will experience the bubbly difference!
To help you find the perfect all-natural bar of soap to upgrade your shower and bath experience.
Bubbly Soaps are handmade in New Jersey in small batches using the cold-process method. Through using this method, we are able to saponify skin-loving oils and butters and turn them into a solid long-lasting bar of soap.
handmade in new jersey soap