5 Simple Tips To Help Your Soap Last Longer

5 Simple Tips To Help Your Soap Last Longer

After over eight years of making and using natural handmade soap, I have fallen in love with bar soap. You truly can't compare the results and effectiveness with any of the other alternatives like body washes or commercial store-bought soaps. Bubbly Soaps are made with botanical plant-based oils and skin-nourishing butters. But like all good things, you eventually reach the end, but you can learn helpful some tips to help make your bar last longer. Here are some of our favorite simple tips to use to help make your favorite Bubbly Soaps last as long as possible.

1.  Store it in a cool, dry place. Before you start using your soap, it's best to keep it stored outside of the bathroom like a linen closet (bonus, your linens will smell great!). Always keep your soap out of the water and away from the direct shower stream, this can cause the soap to melt and breakdown. Our favorite way to keep soap bars dry is to use a draining soap dish such as our White Oak Soap Dish with wide, deep grooves allow water to drain away and air to circulate around your bar of soap, extending its useful life. When possible, it's also a good idea to raise your soap to a place it's less likely that water would drip onto it.store your soap in a linen closet

2.  Let it air dry completely whenever you're not using it. Make sure the soap dries fully before being used again. Again, a draining soap dish like ours is a great way to keep it dry and it's easy to move around. If you share a shower with roommates or someone who doesn't use the same soap as you (but who wouldn't, right?) then you'll definitely want to remove the soap from the shower to avoid further unnecessary water and heat get to your soap.white oak soap dish

3.  Wash smarter by using a washcloth or sponge. By doing this, you'll save a lot more soapy goodness than if you lathered up directly onto your skin. A washcloth or sponge can also spread the soap more evenly. Plus, it will also exfoliate your skin at the same time. On top of that, you can place your soap away, to the side or outside of the shower once you've got it on the washcloth or sponge. That way, your bar won't be exposed to further water or heat.

4.  Cut your soap in half or pieces. Not only will your soap be easier to use and hold, but it makes sure that you don't use too much. When using a full bar of soap, we can sometimes over lather and use a lot more soap than necessary. This can cause the soap to deplete faster than desired. Try this tip and let us know what you think!

5.  Dedicate your soap to do one job. All of our soaps make great facial, body, and shaving soaps! Some people love to use our Detox soap as a facial soap and it can last them for several months. Or use it as a shaving soap with a washcloth. You can apply this idea to work with your own routine!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Let us know if you have or which ones you want to try! It's so much fun to use natural handmade soaps and it's even more fun being able to use it longer!

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